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Hike difficulty scale


Hike difficulty scale

Many different features of a hike are being taken into account when planning a trip, which means that
the hikes will be of varying difficulties. We would like you to have a look at the difficulty scale of the
hikes we offer, so that you can choose a difficulty level that best suits your needs.


Difficulty is decided according to:

  • Total distance of the hike
  • Total time
  • Maintenance level and material of the path
  • Technical difficulty of the hike, equipment needed
  • Total vertical distance
  • Usual weather, temperature difference
  • Distance to nearest services, evacuation options


We have created a simple difficulty scale for the hikes we offer:


1/7 very easy: No previous experience needed for this difficulty level. A healthy person capable of taking
a short weekend walk will have no issues with this kind of hike. You can expect gentle ascents and
descents, walking 2 – 4 hours, and vertical distance up to 200 metres.


2/7 easy: You have taken a hike before, but you have no recent experience. Total vertical distance is 200
– 500 metres, you can expect some slightly demanding ascents and descents. A hike of this difficulty
level should not take longer that 5 hours.


3/7 easy/intermediate: You enjoy short hikes relatively frequently with no issues. Total vertical distance
traveled is 400 – 600 metres, total time is ~ 6 hours, excluding breaks. The path is grassy or rocky,
oftentimes uneven.


4/7 intermediate: Average physique and experience with mountain hikes is expected at this difficulty
level. Total vertical distance traveled is 600 – 900 metres, total time is 7 – 8 hours. The terrain is
mountain-like, potentially with ladders, chains, and steps along the way.


5/7 hard: You are expected to be mentally and physically prepared at this difficulty level, you should
have no issues with heights or with mountain terrain. Safety equipment can be found along the way.
Total vertical distance is 800 – 1100 metres, the hike will take 8 – 9 hours.


6/7 demanding: The hike is rather long and physically demanding. Good physique, no fear of heights,
and ability to withstand temperature and weather change is expected at this level. Total vertical
distance is 1000 – 1300 metres, total time is 10 – 11 hours. We will move through alpine terrain with
safety equipment throughout the day.


7/7 very demanding: The hikes at this level are extremely physically demanding; they are suitable for
experienced hikers. Above-average physique and mental state are expected. Total vertical distance is
more than 1300 metres, total time is more than 12 hours.