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Multi-day hiking

Join me, in a 6-day hike to discover the beauty of the Slovak High Tatras from the East to the West.

The High Tatras (Vysoké Tatry) is the highest range in the Carpathian Mountains ridge, 1500 km long. Indeed, it has about 25 peaks rising over 2500 m. But the main ridge is only 25 km wide and 78 km long, with snowfields in the end of the hot summer. Throughout the area, we find wonderful waterfalls, beautiful mountain lakes, unique flowers and animals, alpine meadows, and pine forests.

This is a unique opportunity to get into the terrain of the markable trails and also outside the number of tourists.

6 days
500 m - 1350 m
1 - 3 person
see trip notes
The price:
700 Euro per person